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Veronique • June 9th, 2024
Clea DuVall To Adapt ‘Summer Qamp’ Documentary Into Musical Following Peacock Sale

Summer Qamp, a documentary following a group of LGBTQ+ youth at an idyllic lakeside camp in Alberta, Canada, is potentially getting a very interesting spinoff.

Clea DuVall is in talks to turn the doc into a musical, a rare move for a piece of non-fiction.

DuVall, who directed hit LGBTQ+ romantic comedy Happiest Season starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis, which broke records for Hulu, has said that the doc is “funny, touching and powerful” and “will make you wish you were a teen again so you could go to this camp”. Duvall’s wife Mia Weier is one of the exec producers of the documentary.

DuVall is collaborating on the musical adaptation with Steve Robillard, who was part of the Summer Qamp documentary team.

The news comes after Peacock acquired the U.S. rights to the documentary, which will launch on June 7.

Summer Qamp follows a group of campers enjoying the traditional summer camp experience in a safe, affirming environment where they deepen their connections with their community and themselves.

Jen Markowitz directed the doc. Summer Qamp is a Cineflix production presented by Bright West Entertainment in association with Hello Friend and Robillard. Exec producers include Alex Lieberman, Cineflix’s J.C Mills and Tanya Blake, Michelle Mama and Hello Friend Media’s Lauren Heimer and Mia Weier. Submarine Entertainment handled sales.

The film had its world premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival and went on to screen at over 40 film festivals around the world including the Hamptons International Film Festival and Palm Springs International Film Festival.

DuVall recently signed up to direct Abbi and the Eighth Wonder, a female-driven comedy adventure film in development at TriStar Pictures.

DuVall was also behind Fox’s adult animated series HouseBroken and Amazon Freevee’s coming-of-age drama High School. On screen, she’s also known for roles on series like The Handmaid’s Tale, The First Lady and Veep, as well as such films as Argo, Zodiac and But, I’m A Cheerleader.

Source: deadline.com

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